from the dark past

jamesdean jamesdean
de mysteriis dom sathanas'ın altıncı ve hakkı en çok yenen mayhem parçalarından. özellikle 3.50 ve 4.10 arasındaki attila'nın vokalinin iblis sesi olduğu açıkça belli (bkz: oha yani)

a face in stone decayed by age
a man who has returned to tell of his damnation
fears so deep, the mouth open wide
the dream died away before dawn of this time
the eyes - stares so empty
the mouth - screams so silent
tell me - what did you see there
in the darkness - of the past
ancient times legends stories so dark
blackened his sight now
not even the memories are left
back after such a long time
the stone is cold as death
but what formed its true fears
only the wind is able to tell