cliffs of gallipoli

faaip de oiad faaip de oiad
sabatonun 2008 tarihli the art of war albümünün 7. şarkısı.


hear them whisper voices from the other side
hear them calling
former foes now friends are resting side by side

they will never leave our hearts or fade away
live forever
they were far to young to die in such a way

how many wasted lives? how many dreams did fade away?
broken promises they won't be coming home
oh mothers wipe your tears your sons will rest a million years
found their peace at last as foe turn to friend and forgive
and they knew they would die

left their letters in the sand
such waste of life
dreams of freedom turned to dust

hell is waiting where the ocean meets the sand
cliffs of burden
where the soldiers rushed into a certain death

at the shoreline blood of heroes stains the land
light a candle
one for each of them who fought and died in vain

there is no enemy there is no victory
only boys who lost their lives in the sand
young men were sacrificed their names are carved in stone and kept alive
and forever we will honour the memory of them
and they knew they would die