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nils holgersson nils holgersson
we are in the ninth year of the events that went down in our history as a document of betrayal, shame and vandalism under the name of gezi events. the events were fueled by the alleged cutting down of several trees in gezi park. the spark that struck under the pretext of a tree suddenly turned into an attempt to target turkey s government. inside the dolmabahçe bezm-i alem valide sultan mosque, these terrorists had polluted the mosque with beer cans. these are sluts, rotten. these are like this. we know what forces are behind the protests in which public buildings, city buses and streets were burned. mr. kemal was also there. these are terrorists.
purge me purge me
people are starving in africa. we"re still talking about pussy-ass-boobs at here. i"m ashamed of it even as a man.

ps: meriç değilim arkadaşlar, hasas kalpliyim sadece.