reino reino
bir tenacious d şarkısı.

dio has rocked for a long, long time,
now it's time for him to pass the torch.
he has songs of wilderbeasts and angels,
he has soared on the wings of a demon.

it's time to pass the torch,
you're too old to rock, no more rockin' for you.
we're takin' you to a home,
but we will sing a song about you.

and we will make sure that you're very well taken care of.
you'll tell us secrets that you've learned. woah!
your sauce will mix with ours,
and we'll make a good goulash baby.
dio, time to go!
you must give your cape and scepter to me.
and a smaller one for kg.
go! go! dio! dio!
pigs on the wing pigs on the wing
platon'un ''geometri bilmeyen giremez'' sözünden esinlenerek, ''dio dinlemeyen giremez'' sözünü,bir gün evime yazdırması muhtemel,''efsanevi müzik tanrıları''nın grubu.

ek:her gün en az bir kaç parçasını dinlemezsem olmazlardan biri.
devekuşuburnu devekuşuburnu
don't talk to strangers
'cause they're only there to do you harm
don't write in starlight
'cause the words may come out real

don't hide in doorways
you may find the key that opens up your soul
don't go to heaven
'cause it's really only hell

don't smell the flowers
they're an evil drug to make you lose your mind
don't dream of women
'cause they only bring you down

hey you, you know me, you've touched me, i'm real
i'm forever the one that lets you look and see and
feel me
i'm danger - i'm the stranger

and i, i'm darkness, i'm anger, i'm pain
i am master
the evil song you sing inside your brain
drive you insane
don't talk

don't let them inside your mind, yeah
run away, run away, go!

no - no

don't let them in your mind
protect your soul

don't dance in darkness
you may stumble and you're sure to fall
don't write in starlight
'cause the words may come out real

don't talk to strangers [don't talk to strangers]
'cause they're only there to make you sad
don't dream of women
'cause they'll only bring you down
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