instela user guide

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1- instela home page

instela home page dynamically feeds you the recent posts of the authors you follow, live news updates from real users, the topics you are interested in and the trending posts of instela authors.

if you have anything to say about a title you see on the home page, you may start creating a post about it by pressing the "new post" button shown on the image. or you may use "create a new title" box at the top if you have something different on your mind.

- trending: instela home page.
- following: feeds the recent posts of the authors you follow.
- random: feeds a random good post.
- statistics: gives you options to list the best posts
- categories: feeds the recent posts in the selected category.

2- creating a post

you will find a text box to create a post at the top and the bottom of all the title pages on instela.

feel free to share your knowledge, opinions and experiences using the 'write a post about "xxxxxxx" box'.

* you may wanna give references to other titles when writing down a post. select the words belonging to the title you want to give a reference to and press (see: ) button to create a reference link.
* if the title you wanna give a reference to is a part of your sentence, you should use the second button ('') to create a reference link to another title.
* you may use the facebook and twitter buttons to share your post on social media.
* you may add images from your computer or mobile device by pressing the "add image" button. you may also drag and drop an image.
* the image and video links that you copy/paste, will be embedded and displayed automatically on instela.

important: the post you submitted must be relevant to the title.

3- left frame

the titles of the most recent posts are listed dynamically at left side of instela. the numbers next to the titles represent how many posts have been added to that title recently. you may read and submit a post about the title that interests you by clicking on it.

4- creating a new title:

you have to decide on a title before you create a post on instela. search the title you want to create on the search bar at the top. make sure to check if a similar title was created before or not.

if the title you searched was not created by another author, you will see a page similar to the page below:

you may start creating your post relevant to that title by clicking on the write a post about "the title you want" box.

5- comment on, add as a favorite and vote the posts you read.

you may upvote or downvote the posts using the buttons located at the bottom of all the posts. voting helps instela to feature upvoted posts and to hide consistently downvoted posts.

the buttons from left to right:
- upvote
- downvote
- add to favorites: you may easily reach these posts from the "my favorites" section in your profile.
- comment: you may comment on a post if you have something to say, add or object.
- share: to share the post on social media.
- message: to send a message to the author of that post by referring that post.
- follow author: don't hold back and follow the author you like.
- report/support: you may use this button if the post looks illegal or disturbs you in a way to inform instela administration.

6- you're an author now, take this author title seriously . your posts will be much more appreciated if you create them with an author attitude. have fun.