rebel moves

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vay efendim vay efendim
doesn't matter şarkıları ritmi ve klibiyle oldukça dikkat çekiyor. sözleride ahanda tıpatıp şöyle;

all of those years you didn't know each other
numerous worlds in the chain of universes
you have many sisters and brothers just like you
technological dimensions of advanced plans to unify you

messing gadin nada
veyting badi sudiye
say belongvan

the good news to be given will be a light a divine light
will open the doors of faith
get rid of your doubts within your hearts
scrutinize yourselves
you will observe how you will meature by being dissolved in time and
you will choose your real right way

doesn't matter where i'm coming from
just look at the way i'm going way i'm going
saraddi liyaddi ya hisset
my way is full with the flowers
don't let the hours passing by
if you don't want to see the coming tragedy

saraddi liyaddi ya hisset..
sona sona
uzun zaman sonra bir şarkısının başlığının hortlamasıyla aklıma düşen şahane grup. sırayla dinleyeyim şimdi, nasıl özlemişim.

bunu bilmeyen kalmasın lütfen.
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