the pros and cons of hitch hiking

indiscipline indiscipline
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roger waters: bass, guitar, composer, guitar (bass), guitar (rhythm), vocals, rhythm, producer, actor, design, cover design
eric clapton: guitar
andy newmark: drums
ray cooper: percussion
david sanborn: saxophone
andy bown: organ, guitar, organ (hammond), guitar (12 string)
michael kamen: piano, arranger, conductor, drums, producer
national philharmonic orchestra: orchestra, group
doreen chanter: vocals, vocals (bckgr), vocals (bckgr)
katie kissoon: vocals, vocals (bckgr)
jack palance: vocals, actor
beth porter: vocals, actress
andy quigley: vocals, actor
madeline bell: vocals, vocals (bckgr), actress
ed bishop: vocals, actor
manning redwood: vocals, actor
cherry vanilla : vocals, actress
vic sullivan: horn
kevin flanagan: horn
raphael ravenscroft: horn
michael king: sound effects
mike reese: mastering
doug sax: mastering
gerald scarfe: design, ıllustrations, cover design, lettering
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