the quiet place

lethe lethe
spinning further, deeper
i know you're out to try me
i'm not in this to be a slave
push the dirt
make me feel
locate what swallows life
night bird you build my world

...and then i close my eyes

judge me now
used to be afraid to let it show
bow down
i'm in a much better place now
everything's in place
so much brighter from today
a king in my own mind

drown the monster
make all bad dreams go away
whatever it takes to keep your hands free
open scars
the quiet place
all the bridges fall to the ground
and you say you sacrificed
typhorn1 typhorn1
"everything in the place,too much better from today" demiştir,hayallerindeki "quiet place"i arayanları anlatmıştır.melodisinden tutun da,hissettirdiklerine kadar her şeyiyle güzeldir.
edit:orada better değil de,brighter olacakmış sözleri. olsun better bana daha sofistike gelir,better belledim.