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you know my name you know my name
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göze batanlar:

- i know the pieces fit cause i watched them fall away.
- i've done the math enough to know the dangers of our second guessing.

- this body. this body holding me. be my reminder here that i am not alone in
this body, this body holding me, feeling eternal all this pain is an illusion.

right in two:
- why did father give these humans free will?
now theyre all confused.
- dont these talking monkeys know that
eden has enough to go around?
playing in this holy garden, silly old monkeys,
well theres one who’s bound to divide it
right in two

- i need to watch things die, from a good safe distance.
- vicariously i, live while the whole world dies, much better you than i.
melinda g melinda g
if tomorrow never comes
will she know how much i loved her
did i try in every way to show her every day
that she's my only one
and if my time on earth were through
and she must face this world without me
is the love i gave her in the past
gonna be enough to last
if tomorrow never comes
ronan keating
orgomelih orgomelih
i don't know what's worth fighting for
or why i have to scream
i don't know why i instigate
and say what i don't mean
i don't know how i got this way
i know it's not alright
so i'm breaking the habit

linkin park-breaking the habit
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